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one of golf's best young minds, making sense out of the science of golf.

We cut through countless volumes of “golf theory”, give answers where there weren’t previously, and provide hope and excitement to the impassioned golfer.
— Rick Silva

mission: to make people golf experience more memorable.  To achieve this I bridge the gap between theoretic based golf instruction and factual science driven information. All the while delivering factual information simplistically and seamlessly to clients and audiences of all ages and skill sets.


Rick is currently the Director and owner of M|3G (Movement3Golf), located in Chicago's legendary north-shore of Highland Park, IL.  Silva has worked with more than a half-dozen tour players, a United States Amateur Champion, Walker Cup member, and countless NCAA golfers.  Before going out on his own in 2010, Rick was the Director of Instruction and biomechanics specialist for real-estate developer Michael Meldman's Discovery Land co. properties   With elite-level knowledge in the use of Flight Scope|TrackMan, K-Vest, AMM and the GEARS-3D, club as well as body tracking system, his teaching base, "The Studio", is equipped with the most advanced technologically anywhere in the Midwest.  In addition to technology, Rick has mastered certifications in TPI, NG|360, Golf Bio-mechanics and is Manzella Certified.  Rick's knowledge of the golf swing, functional movement, technology and the science of how it all gets put together is a combination that very few possess.  Rick's use of cutting edge swing science research and the latest technology systems has made him one of the leading authorities in improving golf swings with the use of technology.


Silva is nothing short of a golf swing genius! I’m loving life on the course!
— L.Martin; LGI Int.

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