it all sounds complicated... do i really need all that "technology" to get better?

My dear friend and mentor Michael Jacobs, I believe said it best.  "This is just like a race car team.  On that team you have the expert driver who is purely reactive to what the car is telling him.  You have the Crew Chief who is coaching the driver based on his knowledge and what he in observing and then you have this amazing technology system in place that gives thousands upon thousand of data points on how the car is "actually" doing what it's doing."  No guessing.  No speculation.  No, "well, for me, it's doing..."  Now, surely we understand that the science/data isn't there to confuse the driver.  That would just be silly.  And it certainly isn't there to confuse the Crew Chief, what good would that do?  It's there to confirm what they thought they knew or to provide that one missing link or "aaaha-moment" that sets them apart from the rest of the competition.  The job of the golf professional is know what they are talking about period.  Would you put your trust in a mediocre lawyer or a mediocre doctor?  I think not, that would just be silly!  Folks, REAL Science applied to the golf swing makes things easier NOT more difficult or confusing.  Technology is simply there to confirm my work so I can be the best I can for you.  Trust me you'll have the time of your life playing the best golf of your life! I guarantee it. 

do you only work with really good players?

I've been very fortunate to have had the opportunity to be trusted by a few world-class players with their games and that is an absolute thrill and privilege for me but I genuinely enjoy coaching and mentoring the everyday club player that has varying goals and aspirations of improvement.  Nothing is better then assisting a golfer exceed their expectations and helping them be their best coach.