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Getting put through the paces by Rick Silva and his staff wasn’t so much a golf lesson as it was an EKG that told you very clearly what you need to work on to improve your game. As a writer for GOLF WEEK, I have been to every “big name” expert on the planet and one thing is for sure, Rick is a big player in a very small pond.
Top of the line golf instruction and club fitting. I have had golf lessons in the past and improved my game because of it but the technology and coaching style that Rick uses had a huge impact on my game immediately. I’m am beyond satisfied that I now can get my money’s worth out of my new clubs and enjoy the game even more. I highly recommend seeing Rick if you have any interest in improving your game and/or upgrading your clubs!
— Christopher Brady ELITE WELLNESS
In summary, I strongly recommend M3|G. I’ve had the initial diagnostic session and one lesson. I am already hitting my 7-iron 15 yards further than before. They have a very systematic, fact-based approach. Everything is cause and effect. The diagnostic session was amazing and I know there will be more to work on in the months ahead. My first lesson focused on my biggest issue (lack of power, lack of hip turn). But the best news is that this system understands the cause of the problem and the solutions treat the cause, not the symptoms (my hip turn problem had nothing to do with my hips). I am confident that my game will improve. Their literature states that they see a reduction in handicap of an average of six points. I don’t know if I’ll see that but I do believe that I will see a 30 yard increase in my driving distance. I spent over $1,000 at Golftec a few years ago. All their data just told me the problem. They couldn’t find the cause.
— David Roche President; David Roche & Assoc. / Member at Kemper Lakes
It has been one week since i made the pilgrimage to Chicago, to see Rick Silva at Movement3Golf and get measured on GEARS. For those of you who are unfamiliar with my history of instruction, I have had the opportunity to work with several of the biggest names in golf instruction. From Leadbetter Academy to Hank Haney Ranch, to Rick Smith at TreeTops in northern Michigan. I have 1 career 29 for 9 holes and 5 “30”‘s for 9. 63 is my low score. My career long drive is 411y. After a long run of attempting to play professionally like many others, I struggled so badly trying to apply different concepts to my swing and ideas and methods.... none of which paid remarkable dividends. My swing never quite “looked” right to me on video. Parts were missing that I didn’t know what to add.
I must say that Rick Silva’s knowledge of the golf swing and bio-mechanics is unparalleled. He has an incredible ability to articulate exactly what is occurring and why and how to fix the problem.
If you are serious about your game, you need to get GEARS’d. In one short session Rick showed me what i was doing wrong, and what i was doing right, and helped me thru “swing thoughts/feels”. I have what i would refer to as a few different swing “types” or pattern. This is truly where you separate FEEL from REAL. My swing had gotten so far out of whack. I had an incredible amount of side bend at address which felt “powerful” but in reality it was robbing me of consistency. My virtual spine was tilting to far away from the target at address, causing me to have issues with rotation thru impact. I have struggle for years with VICIOUS SNAP hooks off the tee. My hips would drift too far out in front and then my upper body would tilt back and then the flip hooks would happen. high spin loft, lots of other issues. Blocks pushes hooks heel slappers helicopter driver flying out of my hands from trying to force the handle so far in front to save the face angle. I’ve literally lost a driver on the follow thru up into a tree 30 feet high behind the tee box. I was trying to “hang back and launch it” so i would end up with a virtual spine that was probably around 112*... no telling where my driver was going to go. After a few swings on GEARS3D Rick showed me exactly how my shaft was leaning way too far forward, my spine angle was tilted way to far to the right. It “felt” like i was pretty neutral... not even close. So after we determined what was wrong, Rick gave me some new “feels” that really allowed me to quickly recognize that i had a neutral set up with shaft lean and spine angle previously. That “feel” was very easy to get back to. Seeing the DATA on GEARS is the real game-changer for me. Knowing that there is a “feel” that gets me to the right numbers and allows me to use the ground properly and effectively. The swing feels much less “mechanical” and much more natural. I cannot thank Rick enough for really spending the time to answer all of my questions and explain why he was recommending a certain movement versus another and the cause and effect relationship that the setup has on the impact position. Rick has no ego, no method, no allegiance to a “book of fairy-tales” to try to force his students to adhere too... He simply has the best method of measuring the swing in the world thanks to Michael Neff and GEARS3d. But when you combine his ability to interpret that data with the extensive knowledge of Dr. Nesbit’s work and Jacobs3D that’s where the real MAGIC HAPPENS.
As an update I broke 70 again for the first time this year this morning. It didn’t take months of swing changes and hours and hours of wasted effort on the driving range... When you have the ability to see exactly what it is the “change” is “changing” you can immediately start to implement it. If you take your golf game seriously you owe it to yourself to go see Rick and get measured on GEARS3D and Jacobs3D.
— Mike R. Michigan
Thank you so much for taking the time to help me get started in understanding the ideas of the science in the golf swing. I appreciate so much your patience with my ignorance and your ability to help me. I have a much better understanding of things I thought we very complicated but, you made it quite simple. Can’t wait to keep getting better! Thank you so much...!
— Tony Feminis, PGAProfessional; Illinois Section
Just finished an AMAZING golf lesson with Rick Silva. Mind blown! The BEST golf lesson I’ve ever taken. So psyched to get some practice in and start playing better. So much to learn from GEARS and a teacher who truly understands the data.
— Matt Saternus Co-Founder; Plugged In Golf | www.pluggedingolf.com